Hi, I’m Roos!
Your hormonal health expert, life coach, and forever optimist

I’m passionate about people’s development and I love seeing ambitious business ladies thrive! It’s a combination of several factors that influence this state of being: hormonal health, mindset, and overall lifestyle. 

But before I dive further into this, let me share a few words about myself:
People know me as a feminist, forever optimist, and dedicated to supporting ambitious women to let them thrive. I’m Dutch and have been living for the past years in Berlin together with my partner and two rescues. The first years of my career I spend working in People & Culture functions. I’ve gained 7+ years of experience in leading HR functions and coaching. In 2022, I became a certified Holistic Women’s Hormonal Health Practitioner (IICT) and will graduate this year as a Hormonal Therapist.

” To CONTROL your hormones is to TAKE OWNERSHIP of your life “

My Story


2016: I moved to Berlin

Together with my boyfriend, we moved to Berlin for a job offer I received. I loved HR and that junior position was the starting point of many learnings and successes in my HR & coaching career.

2020: The year that changed everything

Both professionally and privately things changed. It was the year when I, as HR leader of a successful scale-up, implemented Period leave as a health benefit as one of the first (if not the first!) companies in Europe. It was also the year when I quit the pill after 14 years of relying on synthetic hormones. I’ve struggled with many heavy symptoms and after seeing many doctors, they came to the conclusion it was a hormonal imbalance with a solution to go back on the pill. But that wasn’t what I wanted. Things needed to change for the better.

2022: Personal Growth and Success

After 6+ years of driving and leading HR functions, I felt it was time to do things differently. I wasn’t sure how -just yet- so I engaged in part-time freelance HR opportunities that allow me to explore. That year I finished the Wayfinder Life Coaching training at the Martha Beck Life Coach School. It was also the time when I devoted myself to hormonal health. I’ve read books, explored websites, and started a certification to become a women’s hormonal health practitioner. It was then I knew my life would change forever, as I found the new passion I wanted to bring into my work.

2023: The Formula

Hormones are vital for a healthy and vital life. They’re managed by our brains, and we influence them directly through nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, and mindset. We cannot focus on one without including the other factors! In my career, I’ve coached many women on mindset, career, and lifestyle. The last year, women’s health coaching became my new focus and I wanted to try if this by itself was sufficient. I’ve noticed that with all my clients, focusing on hormonal health isn’t enough. The real transformation is happening when we focus on all items. Hence, I’ve designed The Formula. The perfect mix bundled up in one coaching program to let you thrive.

2023 and BEYOND

to support the transformation of as many ambitious ladies as possible.
I’m excited to meet you.

7 years of experience and additional certifications

Hormonal Health
Hormonal Health
Hormonal Health
Hormonal Health
Hormonal Health

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Are you ready for your inner transformation?

A six month journey where we will meet bi-weekly to heal your hormones, boost your mindset & desires and focus on enhancing your overall lifestyle. Because you deserve a thriving life!

Restoring Your Hormones

Balanced hormones are vital for a healthy and happy life. We will not just restore them, but I also ensure that they’ll be optimized for longevity. In addition, I’ll also show you the ways of cyclical living, where your menstrual cycle becomes your power.

Activating Your Feminine Leadership

How you feel mentally influences your whole day. Your mindset, desires and routines are crucial for mental health. When activating them the right way, you’ll be able to activate and boost your feminine leadership to the next level.

Enhancing Your Overall Lifestyle

Optimizing your nutrition and exercise schedule that works for you. But also put focus on your career goals, relationships and personal time.